Fair Value

MS Amlin Underwriting Limited (‘MS AUL’) is committed to ensuring customer value and maintaining a robust governance process over the products that we manufacture. To help deliver on this commitment, we regularly review our products to ensure that they provide value to our customers. To that end, we have produced a number of ‘Fair Value Product Documents’ outlining the main benefits and exclusions of our products, as well as outlining the target market to whom our products are manufactured for. MS AUL considers itself as a product manufacturer for all of our products.

If you are one of the distributors of a MS AUL product, you can find a copy of our Product Value – Information Exchance documents for the products you distribute on our behalf below.

If you have any questions about the documents or the governance process, please contract GIProductGov@msamlin.com


Any questions, please


Product Documents

- Bloodstock: All Risks Mortality Download
- Bloodstock: Care Custody Control Download

Bloodstock: Equicover

- Cancer Care Download
- E&O UK Solicitors Download
- Financial Lines Download
- Fine Art Download
- Hospital Cash Download
- IRS Combined Commercial Download
- IRS Property Under Probate Download

Jewellers Block

- Personal Accident Download
- Professional Indemnity Download
- Professional Indemnity – Recruitment Download