Gender Pay Gap Report


Gender pay gap

In April 2017, legislation was introduced in the UK requiring employers with more than 250 staff to publish their gender pay gap, in order to promote greater transparency and action around pay disparities. This is a measure MS Amlin welcomes and is committed to prioritising as a key measure of our business performance. 

The gender pay and bonus gaps are the difference between average earnings and bonuses for men and women.

At MS Amlin we are committed to creating a more inclusive culture and, over the last three years, we have focused on building a greater understanding of the current make-up of our population so that we  can create specific and relevant inclusion initiatives.  

Recent developments include: 

  • Gender Action Plan: following a workshop with colleagues across the company to understand their experiences of life in MS Amlin, we created an action plan designed to support women in the business.
  • Leadership Accountability: we have started to deliver Conscious Inclusion training for senior managers, this continues and we are now adapting this training for all line managers, to help them engage their teams.
  • Hybrid working: it is well reported that women felt the impact of home-working and pandemic restrictions more than men, and we have recognised this in our hybrid working approach.
  • Inclusion Survey: we engaged with a partner to deliver our first inclusion survey – dedicated to understanding how inclusive our culture is, and how effectively we communicate our vision and plans to increase diversity and inclusion.

Our 2021 UK Gender Pay Gap Figures

Hourly & bonus pay gap

The figures show our mean (the average of all male colleagues compared to the average of all female colleagues) and median (the mid-point of all male colleagues compared to the mid-point of all female colleagues) hourly gender pay gap and bonus gap.

MS Amlin Gender Pay Gap - Pay differential between men and women

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