Speak Up


Across MS Amlin, we are committed to encouraging a culture in which everyone feels safe and comfortable raising genuine concerns about any wrongdoing, without fear of personal repercussions as a consequence of doing so. People are encouraged, where possible, to use the usual channels such as line managers or HR to escalate concerns. However, we understand that there are circumstances where people may not feel comfortable doing so. We have, therefore, put in place our Speak Up Policy to support anyone with confidential reporting arrangements. Concerns raised are taken seriously, treated sensitively and, where appropriate, independently investigated.​​​​​​​

MS AMLIN SPEAK UP: confidential reporting service operated by Safecall for MS Amlin employees and third parties globally


Tel: 0800 915 1571

Intl' Tel: +800 7233 2255

Online: www.safecall.co.uk/report

MS&AD SPEAK UP: confidential reporting service for all MS & AD employees globally, managed by Deloitte​​​​​​​

Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK

Email: report@MSADspeakup.eu

Online: https://MSADspeakup.eu

China and Hong Kong

Online:  https://www.msadspeakup.cn/

Bermuda, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and the US

Online:  https://MSADspeakup.com​​​​​​​