Change through collaboration

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Tom Oostra

A major push to integrate MS Amlin’s marine and aviation platforms across continental Europe will ensure its customers receive improved products, services and capital, as Tom Oostra, regional director Europe, explains.

MS Amlin will soon be integrating all of its continental European marine and aviation insurance platforms. From the beginning of 2020, we will be offering all our products and solutions via MS Amlin Marine NV, a captive managing general agent of the MS Amlin Group, with offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Paris, London and Hamburg.

The integration will help our clients in three major areas. Firstly, in client services. MS Amlin Marine NV has one of the largest teams in the market, with over 140 client-facing experts in marine and aviation insurance. It offers a market-leading underwriting and claims service across all its product lines, and provides customers with a 24/7 duty officer.

Clients can trust in the client services desk which works on over a thousand cases a year, ranging from advice on contracts to nautical and technical support. In addition, the MS Amlin Maritime Knowledge Centre offers over a dozen training sessions a year, with courses in shipping insurance, for example, and workshops on charterers’ liability, logistics and terrorism insurance.

The second area where our clients will benefit is in the product range offered. In the past, across Europe, this has focused mainly on traditional marine insurance needs. However, as a managing general agent, MS Amlin Marine NV is now able to adapt core products from any of MS Amlin’s nine marine and aviation product lines in cooperation with the company’s global experts for each line of business. We can provide cover for risks in aviation, cargo, energy, hull, liability, protection and indemnity, specie, war and yacht – all to suit our clients’ specific needs and circumstances. We may think globally, but when it comes to providing solutions, we act locally.

The third area of benefit is in capital. MS Amlin Marine NV can provide access to insurance capital from multiple carriers. This ensures flexibility and a one-stop shop with full insurance cover in selected areas rather than providing a subscription line on a risk.

Overall, we are confident our clients will benefit enormously from the changes we’re offering.

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