Thoroughbred Insurance

At MS Amlin Equine we specialise in insurance for the thoroughbred breeding and racing bloodstock industry, globally. The success of the thoroughbred as a performance horse that blends speed and athleticism with endurance has made it the horse of choice far beyond its original roots in challenge races on Newmarket Heath.

From the world’s top class flat meetings to jump racing and point-to-pointing, the thoroughbred population is growing around the world and establishing itself in the new emerging markets which are rapidly embracing the concept of international equestrian competition.

Our range of thoroughbred insurances is also growing to keep pace with the demands of owners, breeders, studs, stallion owners and everyone involved in the thoroughbred industry – whatever their needs or wherever they are. Our very experienced team of experts in the global bloodstock and equine insurance industry not only aim to always provide the best and most flexible solution but also the ultimate personal service with a timely response.

Because at MS Amlin Equine we specialise in thoroughbred horse insurance worldwide, we are able to precisely tailor cover to each individual horse and to every situation, from racehorse insurance and foal insurance to theft and mortality, unsoundness of wind and mare barrenness to provision of life-saving surgery, transit and stallion insurance for permanent disability or first season sub-fertility.

Types of cover avilable

All Risks of Mortality and Theft

Foal Insurance

Prospective Foal Insurance

Mare Barrenness

Stallion Permanent Disability Extension Endorsement

Stallion First Season Sub Fertility

Broodmare Insurance

Life-Saving Surgery

Colic Surgery Costs Extension

Unsoundness of Wind

Operation Insurance

What is this?

We can insure your horse for an operation plus 30 days afterwards.

As long as the horse is certified fit for a general anaethesia and the operation is taking place at an MS Amlin approved equine hospital or clinic, we will cover the risk of the operation and any complication afterward within the 30 days.

The cover does not however include pre-existing conditions.

Transit Insurance

We insure transits to many worldwide destinations

  • We can offer cover for transits as part of a 12 month policy,
  • Or a transit only policy plus 30 days at final destination,
  • Or a simple short term transit policy to expire on unloading at the airport.

12 Month Extension Clause

What is this?

All insurances that have an annual period or longer have a 90 day extension clause as standard. If an illness first occurs and manifests itself in the period of insurance and we have been informed before expiry, then you will be indemnified, during the policy period plus 90 days after expiry if the horse dies.
However – for an additional premium you can increase this standard 90 day extension by 275 days – giving 12 months extension in total.
Therefore, as long as you have renewed your policy with MS Amlin you will have a 12 month extension for the illness, injury or disease you notified us of under your previous policy.
There is a graded reduction in indemnity for horses 14 years old and over, and this extension ceases when the horse is 18 years old.

Agreed Value Extension