Foal Insurance

Foal Insurance Policy offers All Risks of Mortality and Theft as well as Life-Saving Surgery and will reimburse you for the death, theft or humane destruction of your foal and any life saving surgical costs for fracture repair or colic. We offer discounted rates for this specialist foal insurance product on the acceptance of a limited number of blood tests, clean foal veterinary certificate and satisfactory IgG levels.


Summary of Cover:

We will pay up to the sum insured shown in the certificate for the fair market value for your horse in the event of:

  • Death – as a result of accident, injury, illness or disease
  • Theft
  • Humane destruction
  • Death or humane destruction directly resulting from theft of the horse which occurs during the policy period
  • Emergency colic or fracture repair surgical costs

Foal expert Sarah Stoneham BVSc CertESM MRCVS says:

“Routine blood tests are an essential part of a preventative medicine plan in the newborn foal; the incentive of premium reduction for these tests will hopefully encourage people not to cut costs in the current economic climate as they are an important part of reducing the risks of serious disease in the newborn foal.”

What are the key conditions you should know?


  • You  must declare the horse to be in sound health and free of any illness unless pre-existing conditions have been agreed by MS Amlin
  • You must be the owner of the horse and pay the premium prior to the agreed due date
  • If  the horse is to be operated on for castration of spaying, the insurance cover ceases at midnight of the day prior to the operation – you must tell us beforehand and we can cover this risk at an additional premium
  • You must notify MS Amlin immediately of any event that may be the subject of a claim under the policy
  • You must pay for a veterinary surgeon to treat the horse in the event of illness or physical disability or in the event of death pay for a post-mortem. At the same time you must inform MS Amlin without delay
  • You are required to complete and send a claim form to MS Amlin within 60 days of death, humane destruction or theft




Vet certificates / declarations of health and proposal forms


  • We  ask for foal veterinary certificates from 24 hours after birth and 45 days after birth, and this includes the very important IgG test result requirements
    Download the foal veterinary certificate PDF
  • In addition we require a small number of haematology tests specifically requested for this extended foal policy
  • Condition 1 of the policy states that at inception of the policy the horse has to be in sound health and free from any illness, disease, lameness, injury or physical disability whatsoever.
  • Veterinary certificates, declarations of health or owner trainer declarations all help us to satisfy Condition 2 of the policy wording
  • Proposal forms ensure we have the correct information about our clients, the horses to be insured, and any revelant underwriting information that could alter the risk which we need before we can accept cover

What is market value?

  • Policies pay up to the sum insured as shown in your certificate, but not more than the current market value – i.e. how much you could sell your horse for in today’s market
  • In many cases this may be a recent purchase price, but taking into account recent performance in competition and age
  • We  always try and ascertain this with you when the policy incepts or renews to make sure you are not paying too much for your insurance, and it ensures clients are not disappointed at the claim payment stage

What isn't covered?

  • Death, intentional slaughter or humane destruction from a disease if the horse is subject to a government or public or local authority quarantine and / or restriction order in relation to an outbreak or suspected outbreak of that disease
  • Death or humane destruction from surgical operation or administration of any medication unless by a veterinary surgeon
  • Willful injury or intentional acts or omissions by the insured or other persons who have care, custody or control of the horse
  • Failure by the insured or other persons there of who have care or control of the horse to provide proper care and attention
  • Avian influenza or mutation of:
  • Terrorism
  • Death or humane destruction that takes place outside the geographical limits stated in the certificate
  • Incorrect use
  • Humane destruction on economic grounds
  • Public liability for property damage or injury arising from ownership or use of the horse