Mare Barrenness

Summary of Cover:

This type of cover is available in conjunction with our prospective foal policy.  It provides an indemnity for clients if:

  • the mare insured is not in foal as at the 1st October
  • the foal in utero on the policy is not alive at the expiry of the policy


  • the mare insured has a multiple pregnancy

What are the key conditions you should know?

No claim shall be payable under this extension unless and until a written Veterinary Surgeon’s report has been received and accepted by MS Amlin certifying visual inspection by the Veterinary Surgeon of

  1. the recently aborted foetus and evidence of a named mare having recently aborted,
  2.  the delivery of a dead foal by a named mare,
  3. the death during the period of insurance of a specified live born foal,
  4. an autopsy examination of a named mare revealing the existence of an unborn foal.
  5. examination of a named mare revealing her to be barren/empty at 1st October or subsequently during the policy term
    This insurance cover does provide cover for multiple pregnancy unlike the Prospective Foal only cover.

It is a condition precedent to liability that MS Amlin have received and accepted in writing:

  • an autopsy examination of a named mare revealing the existence of an unborn foal
  • confirmation that the mare has been covered in three separate oestrus cycles unless confirmed in foal at or after 42 days to an earlier covering.


Warranties applicable

  • There  are no visible abnormalities of the mare’s genital organs
  • A mare insured under this extension must be fully vaccinated with a licensed vaccine containing Equine Herpes Virus 1 (EHV-1) and Equine Herpes Virus 4 (EHV-4) according to the manufacturer’s licenced recommendations where the insured is not the owner of the mare this warranty is replaced by an onus to use a best endeavour to ensure that the mare is vaccinated
  • IgG levels are to be tested within 24 hours after birth of the foal and plasma must be available for transfusion as required
  • Prior to inception of this policy the mare insured hereunder shall not have been covered in the breeding season for which insurance is in force
  • In the event that service by the stallion is refused for any reason this policy shall be null and void
  • Substitute mares nominated are not insured hereunder
  • In the event of the payment by MS Amlin of a claim hereunder, MS Amlin shall, if they so elect, take undisputed ownership of any interest in the residual foetus or foal(s) as applicable
  • The Insured must take all reasonable measures to ensure that the mare has every opportunity to achieve and maintain a pregnancy. The Insured shall use all due diligence and do and concur in doing all things reasonably practicable to avoid or diminish any loss hereunder


What isn't covered?

  • Death, intentional slaughter or humane destruction from a disease if the horse is subject to a government or public or local authority quarantine and or restriction order in relation to an outbreak or suspected outbreak of that disease
  • Death or humane destruction from surgical operation or administration of any medication unless by a veterinary surgeon
  • Wilful injury or intentional acts or omissions by the insured or other persons who have care, custody or control of the horse
  • Failure by the insured of other persons there of who have care or control of the horse to provide proper care and attention
  • Avian influenza or mutation of:
  • Terrorism
  • Death or humane destruction that takes place outside the geographical limits stated in the certificate
  • Incorrect use
  • Humane destruction on economic grounds
  • Public liability for property damage or injury arising from ownership or use of the horse