Prospective Foal Insurance


Cover against the financial loss of a failed pregnancy, whether in early stages or post birth. Prospective foal insurance covers a foal in utero that is not alive at the expiry of the policy, up to the specified limit in the policy.
Cover can be from 45 days in foal through to various expiry dates, such as:

  • 1st October
  • 30 days after birth
  • up to FOH December Foal Sale
  • or any other date required by our clients

What are the key conditions you should know?

Visual Proof of Loss Clause
No claim shall be payable under this extension unless and until a written Veterinary Surgeon’s report has been received and accepted by MS Amlin certifying visual inspection by the Veterinary Surgeon of:

  1. the recently aborted foetus and evidence of a named mare having recently aborted,
  2. the delivery of a dead foal by a named mare,
  3. the death during the period of insurance of a specified live born foal,
  4. an autopsy examination of a named mare revealing the existence of an unborn foal.

Multiple Pregnancy Exclusion
This Insurance does not cover risks of multiple pregnancy. In the event that a named mare is proved to be carrying or has aborted twins this Insurance shall be null and void and the applicable premium will be returned in full.

The visual Proof of Loss Clause and the Multiple Pregnancy Exclusion will be deleted upon production of the following:

Foetus Clause
Category 1 – Ultrasound scan at inception of cover confirming a normal healthy single live foetus
Category 2-4 – Manual Pregnancy Certificate at inception of cover confirming a single pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy Exclusion
Category 1 – Ultrasound scans @ 20 – 35 days
Ultrasound scans @ Inception confirming normal healthy foetus

Category 2 – Either; Ultrasound scans @ 20 – 35 days / Ultrasound scans @ 14 – 19 days
or Ultrasound scans @ 42 – 60 days

We will also require a Veterinary Certificate on the mare on or at inception with a Last Service Date and full details of her breeding history.
It is warranted that all mares are vaccinated up to date against EHV-1 and EHV-4 according to the manufacturer’s licensed recommendations.
IgG and blood levels to be tested 12 – 24 hours after birth and plasma available for transfer as required.

What isn't covered?

  • Death, intentional slaughter or humane destruction from a disease if the horse is subject to a government or public or local authority quarantine and or restriction order in relation to an outbreak or suspected outbreak of that disease
  • Death or humane destruction from surgical operation or administration of any medication unless by a veterinary surgeon
  • Willful injury or intentional acts or omissions by the insured or other persons who have care, custody or control of the horse
  • Failure by the insured of other persons there of who have care or control of the horse to provide proper care and attention
  • Avian influenza or mutation of:
  • Terrorism
  • Death or humane destruction that takes place outside the geographical limits stated in the certificate
  • Incorrect use
  • Humane destruction on economic grounds
  • Public liability for property damage or injury arising from ownership or use of the horse