Charterers' Liability

As charterer of a vessel you are exposed to numerous responsibilities which may turn into costly liabilities. We will defend you in case of claims and our charterers’ liability products will assist to protect your balance sheet.

What does it cover

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when chartering a vessel – from lost cargo and hull damage, to passenger, crew or third party injuries. Our product is designed to cover you for those matters which may go wrong, but more importantly we are there to assist you. You may rely on us to try and prevent that matters go wrong and if they already went wrong to mitigate its effects.

Typical clients

Charterers’ Liability cover is specifically designed for operators, freight forwarders, traders, manufacturers, offshore and windmill industry and any other party chartering a vessel to carry cargo or assist in a project.

Why choose us?

  • Service
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Financial security

Although we always aim to build your cover around your business, Charterers’ liabilities generally fall under three broad categories: 

  • Loss of or damage to the chartered vessel: including damage caused by stevedores, an unsafe berth/port or use of the wrong fuel.
  • Liability to cargo including loss, damage, late delivery or wrong delivery to the incorrect port
  • Other marine liability risks:  including death, injury or illness suffered by the crew or third parties, collision, pollution, salvage or fines.

Additional product options


Although you may not be the charterer of a vessel, you may in your capacity as cargo owner still be faced with responsibilities which typically are those of a charterer and which are passed to you in a contract of sale, like the nomination of a safe port/berth or taking care of loading/discharging a vessel.  Find out more

Marine Defence

This option covers legal costs of defending a dispute arising from charter parties and other contracts. Depending on your situation, we can also provide you with Extension for Traders’ Defence cover, which gives you added protection for disputes under sales contracts.

Tailor-made additional covers

Every situation is different and when standard Charterers’ Liability is not enough, we offer a wide range of additional covers like War, Bunker insurance, Freight insurance, Kidnap & Ransom to ensure you are fully protected.

Charter Parties & Bills of Lading

We are always happy to advise you on Charter Parties, Bills of Lading and other forms of contract. Find out more

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