About the product

Rather than adopting a one-size-fits all approach, our policies are tailored to the type of vessel you own, what it’s used for and the nature of the risks involved. We accept fleets or singletons and have no restrictions on the age or class of vessels we insure – up to a USD 1 billion maximum.

Typical clients

Our Shipowners P&I policies are suitable for owners of all types of vessel – especially in the small to mid-sized market.

Why choose us

  • Service
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Financial security

Core areas of cover 

Depending on your requirements, our cover generally falls into four main categories:

  • Cargo liabilities: covering you in the event of shortage, non-delivery of or damage to cargo.

  • Crew liabilities: covering the care and safety of your crew, including medical costs, repatriation, replacement crew and compensation costs arising from illness, injury or death.

  • Third party liabilities: covering financial losses suffered by an individual or company due to an error that you or your attendants have made, including pollution, collision and personal injuries.

  • Legal cover or professional fees: covering costs incurred while defending a liability claim, such as lawyers’ fees and formal investigations. 

Additional cover options

War P&I

If you are trading globally, you might be exposed to War risks. Our War P&I keeps you protected against liabilities following war/war like activities. 

Marine Defence

This option covers the legal cost of defending a dispute arising from charter parties and other contracts, depending on your situation.

Tailor-made additional covers

Every situation is different and when standard Shipowners’ P&I is not enough, we offer a wide range of additional covers like War, Bunker insurance, Freight insurance, Kidnap & Ransom to ensure you are fully protected.

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