The offshore industry is a highly dynamic market. It is a world in which highly specialized professionals, use unique, innovative vessels to perform special tasks. Naturally, owners of these specialised vessels require equally special insurance cover to fit their unique requirements.

This calls for an insurer with extensive experience, a flexible approach and a detailed understanding of the latest developments affecting the market.

This includes:

  • Dredging
  • Off-shore
  • Anchor-handling
  • Heavy lift
  • Contractors and tugs
  • Towage voyages and equipment

Why partner with us?

Standard market wordings

  • Institute Hull clauses
  • Standard Dutch Hull form
  • Nordic plan
  • Dutch working clauses
  • American Hull clauses


We offer flexibility in rating and conditions, driven by the needs of the client. We take a holistic approach, looking not only at the specific hull risks, but also at the broader scope of financial protection for the company as a whole. We lead approximately 80% of the business we write.

Global Team

We have a large team of dedicated underwriters and claims handlers. This highly focused approach sets us apart. And because we are prominent both in local markets and internationally, we can service our insureds in the best possible way – wherever they are.


Our technical expertise is renowned, but it is our dedication to our clients that sets us apart. We are in contact with our top maritime clients on a regular basis, helping them to resolve complex issues and tailoring insurance coverage for them as needed. We choose to work with selected brokers with specialist knowledge and expertise, which enables us to service our insureds in the best possible way.

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