Marine Liability product includes four main areas of cover:

  • Worldwide watercraft liabilities: including protection & indemnity, charterers’ liability, crew, social responsibility insurance and vessel pollution.
  • Ports, terminals, shipyards and marinas: including incidental exposures and excess liability programmes where required.
  • Liabilities associated with all road, rail and air transit:including transportation and incidental storage exposures, carriers’ liability, cargo and container liability, transport and handling equipment liability, seepage and pollution and shore side construction.
  • Unusual risks: including specialist contractual liabilities, hazardous pollution risks and other non-standard risks associated with the above operations.

Typical clients

  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I) insurers
  • Ship owners and charterers
  • Ship repairers
  • Port and terminals operators
  • Marine contractors and service providers

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