Dedicated claims support

Although Marine claims can be rather challenging, our experienced claims team is prepared for every eventuality. Our claims handlers include qualified lawyers and operational experts who are trained in mitigating risk and proactive loss prevention. Our P&I claims are even available 24/7 to offer assistance and work closely with a worldwide network of service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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P&I Emergency Claims 

+31 10 799 5800

+31 653 902 778 (a.o.h)

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Claims service

We understand the disruption and stress caused by any loss. We strive to deliver our clients peace of mind in times of trouble. Our technical expertise is renowned but dedication to our clients is what sets us apart. Our claims philosophy is to continually improve our clients’ experience by placing them at the heart of our service and the decisions we make.

Our philosophy in action

  • Understanding client expectations and delivering on promise
  • Our Global Claims structure means we are in a better position than ever to be able to deliver on our commitments to our clients
  • It is our aim to treat our clients not just as customers but as partners, continuing to build long, sustainable relationships based on trust and understanding
  • Our goal is to continually improve our service by furthering our understanding of our client’s needs and not just ways to get the job done
  • We aim to do this by putting our clients at the heart of everything we do

First-class service

The more control we have over our claims process, the more value we can add to our clients.

  • Transparent updates through every stage of the process.
  • An end-to-end service that is designed to build clients confidence.
  • Clear agreement or scope and price of external services due to our extensive network.

Reduced insurance costs

Our highly educated and specialized claims team is able to provide in-house legal support (pre and post claim). We save time, effort and money. Benefits which we can pass on to our clients.

  • Improvements made to clients’ loss records.
  • Greater recovery of claims.
  • Due to our extensive network, we are able to negotiate competitive rates. For example lawyer and surveyor fees.

Our commitment

Service We strive to understand our clients’ business and their needs, seeking to get to know, understand and work with them before, during and after losses

Professionalism We are dedicated and focussed on pro-active claims management, continuous staff education and development

Collaboration Our Underwriting and Claims teams work closely together in partnership with our brokers and clients to ensure continuity of service

Claims Recovery Team

Rather than outsourcing our recovery activities, we have our in-house specialist team based in Rotterdam. Our in-house experts are responsible for proactive management of global recoveries and subrogation throughout Europe. They consider every aspect of the Marine market and manage recovery cases in their entirety – from the initial opportunity right through to the final settlement.


Greater efficiency

Having a dedicated recovery team means we can start investigations earlier, understand processes better and ultimately improve our recovery rates and success ratios.

  • Without having to outsource recovery claims, we can pro-actively manage all aspects of the claim.
  • Without additional cost restrictions, we can consider all types of recovery activity.
  • With in-house experts, we can train all our claims handlers on how to spot recovery opportunities.

Cost effective

By keeping our claims recoveries in-house, we save time, effort and money – benefits which we can pass on to our clients:

- Improvements made to clients’ loss records.
- Greater recovery of deductibles.
- Offering sole recovery of our clients’ deductible.
- Fewer outsourcing fees paid out to recovery experts (such as lawyers and third-party agents).

Our integrated approach

By keeping our claims recoveries in-house, we save time, effort and money – benefits which we can pass on to our clients.

  1. Claims handler identifies recovery opportunity.
  2. Case passed to Claims Recovery Team to investigate.
  3. Claims Recovery Team reviews and pursues relevant settlement.
  4. Parties involved kept updated throughout the process.
  5. Claims handler keeps client updated throughout the process.

Laurens Leppers

Claims Recovery Manager