Tailored insurance

Because every fishing vessel is different, our specialist underwriters are happy to build a bespoke product to your unique specification.

Typical clients

This policy is specifically designed for owners of fishing vessels, anywhere in the world.

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  • Service
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  • Financial security

Cover can be divided into the following main areas:

Third party liability

Costs and expenses arising from your legal liabilities to third parties caused by your fishing vessel, but also caused by crew members are covered. An example would be personal injury claims, collision or pollution.


As the owner of a fishing vessel you are considered to be responsible for the care and safety of the crew that you hire. Medical costs, sick wages, the costs of repatriating an injured crew member, hiring a replacement as well as compensation costs arising from illness, permanent injury and death are covered. In case you have to deviate to shore to land a sick or injured crew member the extra costs resulting from the deviation are also covered.

Fishing nets and gear

Liabilities resulting from damaging nets or gear of others are covered.

Personal effects of crew

Loss of personal effects of your crewmembers are covered.

Wreck removal

Wreck removal costs following the loss of your vessel are covered.

Contractual liabilities

We can cover your contractual liabilities resulting from contracts with terminals, yards, ports, suppliers and others.


Following accidental breaches of immigration laws, smuggling or pollution is covered.

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