Our Energy products

Our energy book covers a broad spectrum of business classes encompassing:

  • Utilities and the various types of power generation
  • Onshore upstream, midstream and downstream oil 
  • Gas 
  • Chemical risks
  • Refining assets
  • Renewables
  • Nuclear

Our Industry products

Our industry portfolio incorporates mining, mineral and metal processing as well as heavy industrial risks. Examples include:

  • Above ground and underground mining across all commodities, including gold, copper, zinc, iron ore and coal
  • Mineral processing and refining, including mechanical and chemical processes
  • Associated mining equipment, mobile equipment and infrastructure 
  • Integrated steel manufacturing and aluminium refining and smelting. Metal finishing and products


We offer specific insurance coverages tailored to our clients’ requests through to more traditional portfolio coverage on an All Risk basis.

Global reach

We offer coverage to a diverse client base. These insured values can vary from tens of millions to tens of billions of dollars, and can be located almost anywhere in the world.

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