Important changes to our mini fleet insurance


Our mini fleet insurance for 2-25 vehicles will be upgraded from 7th August 2022 to better meet the needs our customers. These enhancements, which form part of an on-going review of our policies, will make our cover more accessible whilst giving you the flexibility to offer lower premiums. We will also be insuring Tesla vehicles for the very first time. 

Summary of changes:

  • All electric vehicles and hybrid vechicles, including Teslas, will now be eligible
  • We have enhanced our current voluntary excess discount options
  • You can offer lower premiums by adjusting your commission with our exclusive commission slider
  • Up to 50% of vehicles covered on a plan can have less than 3 years no claims discount
  • Only vehicles valued over £75,000 must have a tracker fitted (up from £50,000).

Competitive and comprehensive mini fleet cover

Electric Vehicles

With sustainability becoming increasingly important to modern businesses, our mini fleet insurance will cover all electric vehicles from 7th August including Teslas. This will enable brokers to attract more SMEs with increasingly tax-efficient, electric fleets.  

Voluntary Excess Options

Policyholders will now have more flexibility to reduce their premium by increasing their excess. For example, increasing our standard £250 excess could save them surprising amounts. Several options are now available for you to discuss with your clients.

Our Commission Slider

This puts you firmly in control of the final premium. You will be able to offer reduced premiums by changing commissions. This gives you greater flexibility if a client has been offered a lower premium elsewhere. The easy-to-use commission slider will calculate the premium adjustment instantly. If you would like to know more about how the commission sliders work, see the following user guides;   

ePlace Commision flex User Guide

Acturis Commision flex User Guide 

No claims discount

Under our previous terms, all vehicles on a plan bar one required at least 3 years no claims discount. Now up to half can have less than the three years stipulated. This allows us to cover more fleets with newer vehicles.   


Vehicle tracking offers peace of mind in the event of theft but some policyholders find it invasive. Our upgraded cover only requires vehicles valued over £75,000 to have a tracker installed. The previous threshold was £50,000. Vehicles below this value still benefit in the from of a premium discount when an approved tracker is fitted. 

Keeping small businesses on the road

We can quote on more than 2,000 trades and you will have direct access to our market trading underwriters.  And remember, all of this is backed up with our 30 minute response promise.

Good news for you

These changes are what our brokers have suggested will improve our proposition and thereby help them win and retain more business. Further policy enhancements are already in planning, therefore please do let us know if there is anything further we could do to help you.

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