Our offer

  • We offer coverage on an all risks or standalone single peril basis for a wide range of occupancies varying from A-class office buildings and hospitals through to the more hazardous risks including light manufacturing, sawmills, agricultural risks and railways. 
  • We write a worldwide portfolio with critical catastrophe exposures forming an essential core to our business. 
  • We focus our participation in the primary layers of programs, however will often complement this with higher excess capital deployment, looking at each individual account on its own merits year on year.


  • Our non-catastrophe  exposed capacity is $50m each and every risk
  • We offer up to $12.5m for critical catastrophe exposed accounts and $17.5m for non-critical catastrophe exposed accounts, on either a direct or facultative basis.

John Roberts-West

Product Group Lead

Commercial Property

Kit Barber

Senior Underwriter

Commercial Property

Daniel Black

Senior Underwriter

Commercial Property

Ramona Mann


Commercial Property

Gemma Mills

Claims Manager

Property & Casualty

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