Self-instruct Vehicle repairs for Agricultural clients

Whilst we are working closely with our partners to maintain our claims service, we do understand that there may be some impacts of Covid-19 that are outside of our control, such as the availability of assessors & repairers, or a shortage of replacement parts.

Therefore in an effort to keep our agricultural clients moving, we are implementing the following emergency measures from now & until at least 26th June 2020.

Option to Self-instruct Vehicle repairs

  • Provided that the loss is covered, the level of damage up to which the policyholder may self-instruct repair is increased to £2000 (including parts & labour)
  • Temporary repairs may be undertaken to the vehicle to maintain its use until the new part is obtained.
  • Second hand (green parts) may be used where this is not classified as a safety related item.
  • All claims must still be reported immediately – we will require clear images of the area damage & of damaged parts both in situ and once removed.
  • Once the repair is complete we will require a full invoice for the work undertaken in order to issue reimbursement.

Mini Fleet and Agricultural Motor Automatic extensions

For all digitally traded Mini Fleet and Agricultural Motor polices we will automatically extend cover for drivers whilst using their vehicles for voluntary (not for profit) means to help support the effort amidst these current unprecedented challenges we face.

For more information please contact your usual underwriting contact.

Temporary closure of premises

MS Amlin recognises the challenges facing policyholders as premises are forced to close temporarily due to the Government’s announcements in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

We will keep the situation under constant review but until further notice, where (and only where) your premises have had to temporarily close due to UK Government’s announcement on 23rd March 2020 and once your premises become unoccupied, as defined in the policy:

  • any standard requirements imposed by any Unoccupancy Conditions in your Policy will be suspended in respect of those premises; and
  • your insured perils will remain unchanged.

You must, though, continue to comply with all other terms and conditions in your policy, particularly those with regard to ensuring that existing security measures are maintained and that your premises are secure from unauthorised entry. You must also take appropriate steps to mitigate risks associated with premises which have had to close, by following the relevant guidelines set out below.  

Temporary Closure of Construction Sites 
Temporary Closure of Premises
Partial Closure of Premises

Please note that this relief does not apply where either your premises were already unoccupied (as defined in your policy) prior to the UK Government’s announcement on 23rd March 2020 or if special terms on unoccupancy have previously been imposed on your policy.

If you have any concerns about following these guidelines or if special requirements have previously been imposed on your Policy regarding unoccupancy, then please contact your usual MS Amlin contact and we will work with you to try to find a solution.