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Climate change seen as bigger threat than rising cost of living for young Hongkongers

MS Amlin launches findings ahead of the season opening Formula E race in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - 29 November 2017 - A new poll launched by MS Amlin - the specialist global (re)insurer - reveals that Hongkongers aged 18-35 see climate change as a bigger threat than the socioeconomic issues they face every day, in a city that is ranked as one of the world’s most expensive to live in. It also shows that the majority of young Hong Kong dwellers have already taken action to help mitigate climate change risks but only a small number have adopted the use of clean tech.

To young Hongkongers, climate change is more threatening than: rising cost of living (60%); availability of affordable housing (58%); and the impact of China’s government policies on Hong Kong (51%). Although climate change concerns (46%) are considered more of a threat, socioeconomic concerns such as the rising cost of living (69%); their health and that of family/friends (65%); and the future for themselves and family/friends (61%) are still more often on the mind of young Hongkongers on a daily basis.

The MS Amlin poll also shows young Hongkongers are committed to tackling climate change on a personal level. A large majority of young Hongkongers are aware of the consequential impact and effect of climate change, as nearly all of them said that they think climate change will impact them in their lifetime (94%) and that they have already taken action to reduce personal contribution to climate change (97%). Efficient waste management and reduced energy consumption are one of the biggest changes being made; close to three-quarters (73%) recycle waste materials to reduce their personal contribution to climate change and a similar number (72%) are trying to reduce personal and family energy consumption.

Young Hongkongers have also made a conscious decision to use public transportation whenever possible (69%) and many (58%) have said they would consider buying an electric/hybrid vehicle, however, only a small number (13%) have adopted alternative fuel transport systems, such as switching to an electric/hybrid vehicle.

The poll of over 500 18 to 35-year-olds was commissioned as team MS Amlin Andretti drives into Hong Kong for the city’s second fully-electric single-seater racing series on December 2 and 3. Behind the adrenaline-charged street race, there is a serious message: Hongkongers can help alleviate the repercussions of climate change not only by efficiently managing waste or reducing energy consumption but also by adopting clean tech in their lives, and supporting events, such as Formula E, which promote alternative fuel sources and low emission transport.

Commenting on the findings, Adrian Britten, MS Amlin’s Global Director of Communication, said: “It is great that the majority of young people have started taking steps to mitigate climate change, but only a small number are adopting clean tech, such as switching to an electric vehicle.  More could be done here in Hong Kong to promote clean tech and this weekend's all electric street race shows young Hongkongers that sustainable motoring can also be thrilling.”