Property International

Our international property portfolio covers regional businesses exposed to natural perils on an event basis with an emphasis on first line commercial and industrial insurance companies.  

We offer coverage for all the main perils our clients are exposed to; from Fire & Allied Perils, including Theft & Fraud, SRCC and Terrorism, to Natural Perils. In addition, we consider annual covers and multi-year deals for many different types of property, including onshore energy and technical lines business.

Our underwriters benefit from the full support of a modelling team who provide detailed territorial analysis and catastrophe profiles, using both external data providers and proprietary mapping tools. This ensures we maintain a consistent and secure approach to our underwriting. 

As a reinsurer we can offer significant capacity across these lines of business. In addition, we can offer our clients ILS reinsurance solutions via our long-standing partnership with Leadenhall Capital Partners.



Craig Roberts

Head of International Property

Reinsurance, London

Nick Hardaker

Senior Underwriter, International Property

Reinsurance, London

William Ho

CEO, MS Amlin Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


Sarah Ching

Lead underwriter

Reinsurance, Singapore

Alex Wang

Senior underwriter

Reinsurance, Singapore

Stella Fang

Director of Underwriting MS Amlin Underwriting

Lloyd's Insurance Company (China) Ltd