Risk Management


Our risk management framework helps us to identify, assess and manage all of the key internal and external risks for achieving our plans and objectives. 

This framework has four key elements:

  • Governance from Boards, risk committees and the accountability of management
  • Risk policy and clarity of risk appetite and tolerances
  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Reporting processes to drive action and enhancement

Our Risk function is responsible for ensuring that the risk framework is operating to address the requirements of MS Amlin to manage all the threats to business performance.
We also encourage the active involvement of all of our employees in being risk managers.
We operate risk management controls through the “three lines of defence” model.
In the first line all employees are expected to be risk aware and exercise controls over their activities so that levels of risk are understood and managed appropriately.
The second line of defence is our dedicated Risk function which is responsible for the design and coordination of risk framework activity. The Compliance function is responsible for a similar second-line role in relation to regulatory risk.
The third line of defence is our Internal Audit function. This is responsible for the review of both the first and second lines of defence and specifically for the review and validation of the risk evaluation and effectiveness of controls set out in MS Amlin’s risk register.

Risk Engineering
Effective risk engineering helps to minimise exposures, reduce losses and keep future premiums as low as possible for our clients.Putting you at the heart of our risk management process helps us to identify your key areas of risk and support your business strategy, providing insight and advice and being there when you need us.Having access to detailed and accurate information enables our underwriting teams to keep premiums as low and stable as possible.