Communities and Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, through a conscious selection of partners and activities that align with our purpose and complement our values.


We are keen for our people to volunteer their time and skills, as well as offering financial support and raising awareness for charitable causes. Each employee has a volunteering allowance of three days per year and we encourage everyone to use this time towards a wide range of activities supporting a local or national cause.

Charitable partnerships

We support a selection of Charities and not-for-profit organisation, which are focused on making a positive impact on society. These organisations include:

  • The Red Cross
  • The Outward Bound Trust
  • Shelter Box

MS Amlin Forest

We have also committed to a partnership with social enterprise, Ecologi, to build an MS Amlin Forest. Our trees are being planted in Southern Africa, where all land ownership is kept by local communities. Initially, the Board gifted 50 trees per employee (the equivalent of 32,500 trees), with one tree now planted for every risk we write. Our people are also encouraged to get planting and help the forest grow.

The MS Amlin forest is helping to create a climate change legacy for our business and directly supports livelihoods by; creating good jobs, economic growth, supporting gender equality and restoring nature, wildlife habitats and clean air and water. This initiative builds on and reinforces our commitment to UN Sustainability Goal #13 - Climate Action and UN Sustainability Goal #5 - Gender Equality.

Fair taxes 

MS Amlin’ policy is to pay the right amount of tax as required by local tax laws in each jurisdiction.

  • We aim to undertake all tax planning within the context that the commercial needs of the company are paramount. However, where alternative routes exist to achieve the same commercial result, the most tax efficient route which is in line with and in the spirit of tax legislation should be recommended.
  • Managing tax efficiency involves choices as to the jurisdictions in which to locate capital and/or business activity and the legal structure of that activity. Such choices take account of all business and regulatory consequences of operating in such a manner. 

Public positions

As an (re)/insurance business, focused on underwriting complex risks, we are well positioned to support clean energy systems, new technologies, the safe decommissioning of brown assets and decarbonisation across industries and agriculture. By underwriting complex risks in a responsible manner, we can strengthen collaborative efforts towards building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and planet.

At times, it is important to use our voice to comment on such matters that may affect our key stakeholders.  Usually, we will release a statement via our Linked In or Twitter channels, but this could also be in the form of press release or direct communication.  Where possible, we will avoid taking binary positions or making blanket exclusions e.g. on which areas to underwrite. Instead, we adapt an approach in line with our Sustainability Strategy, that embed the principles of:

  1. Equality, diversity and inclusion
  2. Responsible underwriting
  3. Responsible investment

In order to do this, we will consider, on an ongoing basis, current and emerging sustainability issues, the impact that we have and may have on those issues, and our current position in respect of those issues.