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All of our policies are matched to the unique specification of your inland craft, based on age, size and purpose. So, whether it is used as a dry cargo vessel, a tanker, or pleasure craft, we can build the cover around your individual needs – up to a maximum limit of USD 1 billion.

Typical clients

Our Inland Craft P&I policies are suitable for Owners of all types of inland vessels, including tugs, barges, narrow boats, pontons etc. 

Why choose us?

  • Service
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Financial security

Core areas of cover 

We welcome Owners from any European country who wish to insure their vessel. Our policy wordings and forms are available in the Dutch, English, French and German language.

Typical cover includes:


Issues with cargo including loss, damage or late delivery.


Other marine liability risks:  including loss of life, injury or illness suffered by the crew or third parties, collision, pollution, wreck removal or fines.

Marine defence cover

Our Inland Craft P&I cover can be taken out together with our additional Marine Defence cover (FD&D) , which covers your legal costs in the event of a claim. It also covers the legal cost of defending a dispute arising from charter parties and other contracts.

Inland Hull

Being a shipowner you want to have all your assets covered. That means your ship as well. Take a look at our Inland Hull if we can offer you the best coverage. Find out more

Contact your local underwriter 

Rose Govaart

Lead Class Underwriter

Inland Craft


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