For Property & Casualty and Marine, non-life insurance, MS Amlin works together with Coverholders.

What are Coverholders?

Coverholders are financial service providers who have been given authority by MS Amlin to offer, manage, modify, accept and underwrite our products and services under the Coverholders own brand. Coverholders may also settle claims on behalf of MS Amlin. The Coverholder does this at the expense and risk of MS Amlin. This means that MS Amlin always remains the risk bearer.

Who should you contact for insurance and claims enquiries?

Have you, as an insured, taken out your insurance via a Coverholder? Or is your insurance cover arranged by an insurance advisor who is affiliated with a Coverholder? If so, you can contact your insurance advisor or Coverholder for questions about your policies and/or for damage reports.

Which Coverholders do we cooperate with?

In The Netherlands MS Amlin cooperates with over 50 Coverholders. All our Coverholders are licensed by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and have their own affiliation with the Financial Services Complaints Tribunal (KiFiD). Also, our Coverholders are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Coverholders (NVGA), that applies its own quality standards.

The overview below shows which Coverholders we cooperate per product group.


Property & Casualty


ABF Assuradeuren B.V.


A.B.W. Volmacht B.V.


AJP Assuradeuren B.V. (CVB)


Alicia MGA B.V.


Biesbosch Assuradeuren Anno 2000 B.V.

BlauwOranje Assuradeuren B.V.

Centraal Volmachtbedrijf B.V. (CVB)

CVB Plus Volmachten B.V. (CVB)


Cerass B.V.


Chabot Assuradeuren B.V.


Connect Assuradeuren B.V.


CUMELA Assuradeuren B.V.

Diverz! B.V.

Drechtsteden Zekerheid


Driessen Assuradeuren B.V.


Ecclesia Sluyter

E. Van der Roest Assuradeuren. B.V.


Evofenedex Assuradeuren B.V.


Felison Assuradeuren B.V.


FGD Assuradeuren B.V.

Gouda & Bredius Assuradeuren B.V.


Heinenoord Assuradeuren B.V.

Helviass Verzekeringen B.V.


Het Nederlands Volmachtbedrijf B.V.


Heuts Assuradeuren B.V. (CVB)


Hoeksche Waard Assuradeuren


Intermont Assuradeuren B.V.

Kuiper Assuradeuren B.V.


Langterm Assuradeuren B.V.


Licent Assuradeuren B.V.


Maeshave Assuradeuren B.V.


Mandaat Assuradeuren B.V.


Meijers Assuradeuren B.V.

Mercedes-Benz Insurance Services Nederland B.V.


Nedasco B.V.


NLG Verzekeringen B.V.


One Underwriting B.V.

Paul L'Ortye Yachtverzekeringen


Polaris Assuradeuren B.V.


Procuraat Assuradeuren B.V. (CVB)


Quintes Underwriting

Raadhoven B.V.




SAA Assuradeuren B.V.

Schouten Zekerheid Assuradeuren B.V.


Schreuder & Schreuder B.V. (CVB)


Summa Assuradeuren B.V.


SUREbusiness B.V.


SWA Assuradeuren Veenendaal B.V.


Thoma Assuradeuren B.V.


Trinitum B.V. (CVB)


Unirisk Assuradeuren B.V. (CVB)


Van Campen & Dijkstra verzekeringen B.V. (CVB)


Van der Fluit Service B.V. (CVB)


Van Loon Volmacht B.V. (CVB)

Van Steensel Assuradeuren B.V. (CVB)


V.B. Insurance Services B.V. h.o.d.n. Ecodass


VCN Verzekeringen B.V.

Veerhaven Assuradeuren B.V.

Victor Insurance Europe B.V.

Voogd & Voogd Verzekeringen B.V.

Vrieling Assuradeuren B.V.


W.A. Hienfeld B.V.

Your Benefits Assuradeuren B.V.


Zicht Volmachtbedrijf B.V.